“On the boat (from Copenhagen to Kiel) Johan and I took turns sleeping on each other’s laps, on deck, in the sun– to the amazement of our co-passengers and our own great delight” (Photo: National Library)

The man

Johan Anker (1871-1940) not only designed stunning boats, he also sailed them to victory in major international regattas. His talent for sailing, combined with an artist’s eye for lines and an engineer’s drive to constantly improve things, all merged to produce unique yachts.

Born into the Norwegian upper class, Johan left his childhood town of Halden to live his dream – designing and building fast yachts. With a strong personality, he gained distinction also in many other sides of life and demonstrated a deep social commitment. His wife, the author Nini Roll Anker, kept a detailed diary of events, and it is through these diaries that the authors of this book have been able to gain a personal perspective of the man himself. Locating and studying the vast volume of reference material available – including written sources, old and new photographs, and first-hand conversations with people who could still remember Johan Anker – was a fascinating process.

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