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Johan Anker (1871-1940) is Norway’s foremost designer of racing yachts. From 1905 to 1940, more than 350 boats were launched from the Anker & Jensen boatyard in Vollen, Asker, Norway.

Johan Anker did not only design stunning boats, he also sailed them to victory in major international regattas. His talent for sailing combined with an artist’s eye for lines and an engineer’s drive to constantly improve things, all merged to produce unique yachts such as ROLLO, APACHE, NORNA, SILJA and the popular Dragon class.

Johan Anker lived through a unique period of Norwegian history and the authors explore Ankers passionate commitment to society and his vast network of contacts – encompassing royalty, politics and industry.

This book gives a profound insight into the life of one of the giants of 20th century yacht design and provides fascinating snapshots of Norwegian life before the outbreak of World War II.

Nic Compton

Johan Anker was one of the most important figures in yachting for much of the 20th century, yet remarkably little has been written about him. Until now. This book gives a lively account of the man who more than anyone else mastered the ‘Metre’ Rule and produced a string of strikingly fast and elegant yachts. Along the way, we delve into a unique period of Norwegian history and meet many of the key players in the country at that time. This is a rich biography which will appeal to sailors and landlubbers alike.

Nic Compton is a former editor of Classic Boat, turned freelance writer/photographer and author of 11 books on maritime topics.

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